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Salesforce Integration with Contact Center Software Solution

Single Sign-In and Task Automation

Set up Ameyo Customer Support Software for Salesforce to improve agent efficiency. With one name and password authentication, an agent can access multiple applications they have been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when they switch applications during a particular session. Automatic two-way synchronization of information between Ameyo and Salesforce relieves agents from spending time toggling between multiple applications/screens to retrieve customer information.


Contextual Interactions

Enables your support team to deliver personalized services with customer profile information displayed at a single intuitive interface providing agents with a comprehensive understanding of the customer. Pop-ups to help agents get the customer information (phone number) in case of both, inbound and outbound calls. If customer’s phone number exists in multiple records and multiple objects then the agent has an option (on Ameyo Toolbar) to select the record which they want to dial. 

Knock Out Human Error

Eliminate the possibility of a manual error and save time. The agent can call any contact from the CRM with a simple click on the number (in Predefined format), without manually entering the contact number. If dialed number exists in multiple records, the system will dial the record from which click to dial was initiated.


Omni-channel Existence

With Ameyo and Salesforce integration, get your customers to contact you using their preferred channels (call, SMS, email,etc.) to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Agents can further add their comments while disposing the call to help follow-up and accurate resolution of customer query.

Real Time Reporting and Monitoring

Get a run-down of agent performance and other call center metrics and KPIs. Monitor sales performance with an integrated dashboard. Ameyo Dashboard integrated with Salesforce Service Console allows supervisors to instantly manage agent workforce in real-time, with a holistic view of call source, live calls, call duration, etc. Analyze the reports to take spontaneous yet informed decisions.


Automated Ticket Creation

CRM Integration with Ameyo helps to automatically generate an object for an incoming call in addition to attaching calls to the existing tickets. The call related data is automatically tagged with the relevant object to ensure complete context for future actions.




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