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Case Studies


Jordan Ahli Bank

Learn how a leading financial service provider raised the bar in Customer Interaction Management (CIM) by implementing a sophisticated …


Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam Berhad (BIBD)

Delivering a true Omnichannel experience to accelerate customer and employee engagement …


Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited

Learn how Omnichannel Integration solution streamlines business processes and provides…


Gulf African Bank

Ameyo’s Contact Center Solution for Banking helped Gulf African Bank,make their business more efficient and profitable…


Sterling Global

Learn how a secure and sophisticated Call Center Solution enables, seamless and personalized multilingual customer interactions along with improving operational..


Bank of Makati

Discover how Bank of Makati, a rural bank operating in the Phillipines utlized Ameyo’s innovative contact center technology for boosting agent productivity …


National Life & General Insurance Company

Using Automated Customer Service solution to integrate omnichannel customer interactions for employee empowerment and delivering excellent…


Rural Shores

Learn how a sophisticated Contact Center Solution enables, seamless and personalized customer interactions along with improving operational efficiency…


Telekom Malaysia

Discover how Ameyo helped Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), a leading Broadband IT and communications market leader in Malaysia, reach out..


Frontier Utilities

Discover how Ameyo helped a leading retail utilities provider gain new insights with a holistic Customer Interaction suite. Moreover, the solution ensured better connect..


Transact Global

Learn how Next Generation Customer Engagement Hub streamlines business processes, seamlessly integrates with existing technology and provides true omnichannel…



Discover how Malaysia’s leading managed ICT service providers diversified their contact center through Ameyo’s Communication Suite, simplifying…



Learn how Logistics contact center streamlines the operation to improve employee engagement along with building long-lasting customer….



Discover how Ameyo helped one of the leading telecom service providers in Mauritius by improving customer service and agent productivity along with seamlessly integrating the ….


Indiabulls Real Estate

As leaders in professional training providers, IndiaBulls Real Estate was looking for an effective omnichannel support system to manage…



As a leading player in the e-finance domain, BankBazaar was looking for a solution to upgrade customer experience, handle large volumes of calls and increase agent…



Flipkart needed to automate their outbound and inbound processes. An omnichannel contact center solution was implemented which could easily integrate with the existing technology ..



Know how a leading logistics conglomerate raised the bar in Customer Experience with an efficient omnichannel CX solution that enabled automatically…



Discover how a Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software helped an e-commerce giant to automate their business process and simplify customer interactions by..



Learn how an effective Customer Interactions Management system helped Myntra by integrated the entire business processes to a single platform to ensure superior…


Bigtree Entertainment

Learn how a sophisticated Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution helped an entertainment industry player in automating their customer interactions..


INAYA Facilities Management Services

Handling a large volume of interaction at any given time, the facility management providers were looking to improve their inbound ..


Department of Transport (DOT), Abu Dhabi

Discover how helped Department of Transport (DOT) in Abu Dhabi set up an effective customer care solution for handling consumer queries more..


To ensure quality emergency care with a proper emergency management system, the ambulance providers were looking for a contact center solution that..



Learn how SOA and MDA based approach streamlines business processes, seamlessly integrate with existing technology and provide true…


Learn how Parkway Health Laboratory Services improve their operational efficiency by providing the best-in-class, complete CIM solution. 

Learn how Indovision achieved a centralized pre-integrated solution to improve efficiency and automate their operations…



The Guide to Helpdesk Management System

To be able to truly deliver the best customer service experience, it is time to work towards transforming the contact centers into customer engagement centers with the right helpdesk by your side.

Guide To Select Right Call Center Software for Your Business

Guide To Select Right Call Center Software for Your Business

A call center software is a empowers your workforce to attend to incoming calls, make calls, monitor key call center metrics and basically deliver a wholesome customer experience.


A Handbook to Win The CX BattleGround

Greater competition and growing consumer power has eroded the conventional metrics of differentiation. Quality of the product and service is no longer the sole determinant for customers to stick to a brand. 


Customer Experience Management Bible

Perfect for Newbies – Start Creating Your Very First Customer Experience Management Strategy in Minutes! A Godsend for Busy CX Professionals!


The Ultimate Guide to Modern Contact Center Routing

Explore how Dynamic cross-channel routing enables exceptional customer service across multi-channel interactions


The Ultimate Guide to Delivering 360 Degree Customer Experience

Learn the secrets of creating, delivering & measuring 360° Customer Experience


The Ultimate Guide to Why AI-Powered Chatbots will transform Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the new interface of every digital business brand. Having an NLP based chatbot takes this game to a whole new level.


The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Sell Customer Experience to Your Boss

We’ve developed a comprehensive customer experience elevator pitch template that has everything you need as a CX Leader to tame the upper-level management and create a powerful first impression within minutes! 


The Ultimate Guide to Build a Modernized and Future-Ready Contact Center

Today, customer service organizations are aware that providing consistent and superior customer experience is critical to fostering loyalty and increasing revenues.


The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies need to regulate customer journeys and provide exemplary customer service in order to enjoy the benefits of customer loyalty.


The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the Banking Sector

For banks to thrive in today’s world, both product and service delivery must be adequately aligned with customer expectations.


The Ultimate Guide to Revolutionize Customer Experience in the eCommerce Sector

E-commerce volumes have grown exponentially in recent years but so has shopping abandonments


Ebook: 7 Contact Center Trends for 2018

Learn what today’s digital customers expect from your contact center and how you can create a delighting experience.


Call Center Guide to Power up customer Engagements

Over the last decade, there has been a rapid increase in the number of call centers globally, with call centers now forming a significant part of the global economy  


Beginner's Guide to Contact Center Management

Contact centers have been around for more than a decade and continue to show slow but steady growth. 



How to Choose the Right Contact Center Technology

We live in a world where organizations do not get a second chance to make a first impression. This is the reason why Contact Centers have stopped being loss leaders, and transformed into mission critical hubs.


How to Budget for Enterprise Software

Selecting the best Enterprise Software for your organization can be a hugely cumbersome and challenging task, especially with the proliferation of multiple players.


Frost & Sullivan: Omni-channel Commerce- Making Customer Experience the New Competitive Advantage

This whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan explores the reality of Omni-Channel Customer Experience today.


New Generation Solution for Contact Centers

The software is increasingly replacing now-outdated hardware components.The contact center industry is not alien to this migration either. 

Roadmap to Omni-Channel Customer Communication for Banks

Roadmap guides banks at each level of their progress and defines processes to deploy at that particular level in their journey towards creating a great customer experience. 


Increase Your Per-Agent Debt Collection Revenue by Over 200%

By using a Dialer for handling large volumes of debtors, companies can increase productivity and minimize the number of interactions to reach the right party.


Essential WFM Capabilities for SMB, Large & Omni-channel Contact Center

Technology-savvy customers of today are employing multiple devices and channels to engage with companies. In most contact centers, interaction channels are managed in silos. 



The Digital Shift : Moving from Legacy Experience To Omnichannel Experience

Learn how changing contact center landscape is driving infrastructure modernization and transforming the Customer Experience in the African market.


Gain a Competitive Advantage by Leveraging the Power of an Omnichannel Customer Experience Strategy

Discover the True Potential of ‘Phygital’ Omnichannel Customer Experience. These Insider Click-to-Collect Strategies offer the Ultimate Competitive Advantage over.

Webinar: Role of Artificial Intelligence in Building a Seamless Customer Experience

Learn how to Automate customer service using Customer Experience AI and customer service bots to give relevant information using customer’s messaging interface