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Remote Governance with 360-degree Application Infrastructure Management

Overcome remote IT infrastructure challenges by getting a 360-degree view of all remote systems, devices, and environments with Ameyo’s Remote Call Center Software. Get armed with up to 15 monitoring parameters to solve the challenges of operating remotely.


Application Infrastructure Management


Best-in-Class Voice Quality


Secure Remote Work Environment

Establish Control with Centralized Contact Center Operations

Establish Control with Centralized Contact Center Operations

Gain full control over your contact center operations even when working remotely using a home-based call centre solution. Get a wholesome and unified view of remote agents irrespective of their work location or the telephony systems being used. Scale your contact center operations to ensure business as usual without worrying about the infrastructural challenges.


Unified View for Remote Monitoring


Remote Agent Scalability


Work from Home Ready Solutions

Flexibility to Login from Anywhere

Provide your contact center agents the freedom to login from anywhere, anytime. The agents as well as the supervisors can login to the system from any device – laptops or mobile phones; any browser; and any environment i.e. whether they are working from home or from office. At the same time, managers and supervisors can monitor the user status and allocate resources accordingly.


Login from Laptop or Mobile

Real-time User Management


Remote working from any Environment

Flexibility to Login from Anywhere

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Boost your Customer Engagements with

an Omnichannel Remote Contact Center

Industry’s first Mobile Contact Center App

Ameyo promises an enhanced customer experience for businesses having limited contact center infrastructure – The Ameyo Mobile Agent. It’s an industry-first call center mobile application with enterprise-ready call center and security features built for a remote workforce. Now, onboard your agents faster and make customer service smooth with Ameyo’s easy-to-use mobile call center solution.


Powerful CTI capabilities


Easy On-boarding of Agents


Enterprise-grade Security

Full Enterprise Contact Center Capabilities

Do not compromise on call center capabilities even when you are working from home. Automate your outbound calling using intelligent dialers. Get an omnichannel remote contact center software to serve your customers on their most preferred channel – voice, social media, email, live chat, or WhatsApp while allowing your call center agents to have a unified view of the customer’s past interactions and complete journey.




Unified Desktop



Virtual Collaboration and Monitoring

Encourage team collaboration and communication to improve agent productivity while creating a healthy and conducive remote working environment. With Remote Call Center Software, allow the agents to have a one-on-one internal chat with other agents or seek the supervisor’s help to ensure FCR. Additionally, the supervisors have the option to communicate with the team at large by broadcasting a message. At the same time, the managers have access to granular reports of agents’ performance to draw actionable insights.


Peer Communication


Team Broadcasting


Granular Reports


Struggling to Choose the Right Remote Contact Center Software for your Business?

Deployment Options That Work for Your Business

Future proof your business with a complete contact center suite backed by multiple deployment options. Setup a cloud contact center to easily upscale or downscale as per your business requirements. At the same time, you can also go for a hybrid call center setup wherein you get to enjoy Ameyo’s complete work from anywhere solution capabilities on a private cloud while protecting your on-premise investments. Additionally, you also have the option to build an on-premise remote contact center along with a VPN for enhanced security.

cloud-base-contact center







Minimal Disruption, Faster Deployment

Setup your remote contact center within days backed by Ameyo’s expertise in delivering hundreds of remote deployments in the last couple of months. Additionally, with fortnightly product advancements and robust product development, you get to build a contact center focused on delighting your agents and customers while meeting your business’ goals too.


Fast Deployment


Continuous Advancements


Work From Home Ready Solutions


Be Work from Home Ready with Ameyo

Inbound and outbound Calling

Inbound & Outbound Calling

Omnichannel Experience

Consistent Metrics Tracking

Remote Monitoring & Reporting

CTI Integration

CTI Integration


WebRTC Supported

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment


Ease of Use

Enterprise-level Security

Enterprise-level Security




Years of Experience

Want to know more about Setting Up a Remote Contact Center?

Frequently Asked Questions

A Remote Contact Center setup is needed in 3 scenarios :-

A New Call Center Setup – Go for a cloud-based call center software and your agents can work from anywhere with a laptop
Moving an On-premise Call Center Remote – Create a VPN access and direct all your on-premise calls via VPN to a cloud-based call center software and your home based contact center is ready to use
Call Center Agents are always on the move – Create a cloud-based call center setup and configure agent mobile extension so agent can take call on mobile phones or smartphones.

Ameyo has multiple work from home ready solutions and Mobile App or Ameyo Mobile Agent App is one of them. Ameyo’s Mobile Agent App has all the enterprise contact center capabilities of Ameyo suite – key ones being Dialer, CTI, WebRTC, Unified Desktop & Omnichannel Capabilities.

Ameyo’s Work From Home solutions come with built in device systems and bandwidth monitoring tools which track up-to 15 key parameters. This helps in effectively tracking infrastructure related issues in an external environment.

Yes, Ameyo provides chat collaboration and broadcasting features so remote call center agents and supervisors are always in sync and extended assistance can be provided when needed.

Ameyo’s remote agent solution provides you full control of your remote contact center operations. First, you have a unified view of call center agents no matter what interface they are logged in from – Mobile, Laptops, Remote or Office Environment, giving you complete control of call center operations. Second, you can track your remote agent devices, bandwidth, errors, etc. by tracking up to 15 infrastructural parameters.

Remote Contact Center Agents must have an easy to use interface(Laptops or Call Center Mobile Apps) to receive and make calls, a 4G/Wifi internet connection, VPN for secure contact center access, VoIP/ dual call leg telephony enabled.

Business continuity planning or BCP means having a tech infrastructure in place so that a business process continues to work even in the face of huge adversity.