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Few of the questions asked during the webinar:

The Analyst role in Ameyo has access to the Inbound Campaign – Dashboards, Live Monitoring, Queue Monitoring, and Agent Monitoring; Outbound Campaign – Dashboards, Live Monitoring, Lead Monitoring, and Agent Monitoring. Along with this, he/she has access to Call Details and Voicemails tab in Manage Section.He/She can access the reports to fetch data.

  •  Abandon Rate at ACD: It is the total number of customer calls in ringing state before they reach to ACD.
  • Call Drop Rate: It is the total number of customer calls that are dropped before the agent gets to answer to it.

“Call Details” tab shows call details or history of the last 200 calls on a rolling basis.

Yes, agents can monitor their key KPIs using Ameyo Agent Self Monitoring Toolbar – a gamification app available in Ameyo Agent Panel.

 Ameyo reports can be automated using the Reports Scheduler. The supervisor can set the fields once, that he/she wants to view and schedule the report for auto-extraction and retrieval on the provided email address.