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Agents have only Smartphones?

Boost Customer Service with Industry’s First Enterprise-Grade Mobile Call Center Solution

Ameyo promises an enhanced customer experience for businesses with limited contact center infrastructure – The Ameyo Mobile Agent.  An industry-first mobile application with enterprise-ready call center features. The application is powered by mobile WebRTC and ensures high call quality, access to customer details via CTI, dialers for wide outreach, faster deployment, remote agent monitoring and all this within a Mobile App


Zero Agent Infrastructure Needed

Full Blown Enterprise Features

Enterprise-Grade Features


Comprehensive Remote Monitoring



Manage Complete Contact Center Operations with a Feature-Rich Solution

Let the agent handle customer service requests while being in the safety of their homes. Ameyo offers VPN access combined with WebRTC to ensure high conversation quality in a secure environment. Additionally, with Ameyo’s remote call center software, enjoy comprehensive reports, and live monitoring tools to enable supervisors to remotely monitor agent performance along with getting complete activity logs (calls, notes, dispositions, etc)

Secure VPN Access


WebRTC for Call Quality


Extensive Monitoring

Agents have only feature phones & no internet?

Enable Contact Center Interactions via an IVR/ Feature Phone

Do not let the absence of smartphones, laptops or a stable internet connection come in the way of delivering quality customer service. Ameyo’s Phone Agent functionality enables contact center operations via an IVR. Agents get to have complete call functionality like click-to-dial, hold, mute, transfer, conference, etc on their feature phone itself while all the calls are recorded on the server for security and monitoring purposes which the supervisor can access at any time to track KPIs and SLAs with remote call center software.


Portable Agent Workbench


100% Call Monitoring


Secure Customer Data


Helped 50+ Businesses get WFH ready in the last 14 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

A remote Contact center setup is needed in 3 scenarios :-

A new call center setup – Go for a cloud based call center software and your Agents can work from anywhere with a Laptop
Moving an On premise Call center Remote – Create a VPN access and direct all your on premise calls via VPN to a Cloud based call center software
Call Center Agents are always on the move – Create a Cloud based call center setup and configure Agent mobile extension so Agent can take call on Mobile Phones

Empowering you remote agents with the right setup means going for a clod based call center solution that has feature like Single view of customer, Good call quality, ability to dispose and record all call center activities in the application.

Contact Center remote Agents must have Laptops or Call center mobile apps and a good internet connection for effective remote customer service.

Business continuity planning or BCP means having a tech infrastructure in place so that a business process continues to work even in the face of huge adversity.

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